Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park Suggestions

As a result of our Ice Cream Social on June 23, we have compiled a list of ALL the suggestions for the park made by Floyd residents.

Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park Community Input Session
June 23, Winter Sun Music Hall, 2:00-5:00

Response to Questions:

#1: How would you and your family use Lineberry Memorial Park:
∑ We would use the Park on weekends
∑ Exercise pets
∑ Spend time with friends and family
∑ Festival down time
∑ Picnics ***
∑ Relaxation
∑ Conversation
∑ Mediation
∑ Quiet place
∑ “Art in the Park, clothesline Sale”
∑ Play
∑ Plan art classes or groups to paint and draw together outside
∑ Listen to musicians *****
∑ Rest while shopping **
∑ Town socials
∑ Bicycle racks
∑ Walk in the Park
∑ Sit and eat ice cream cones
∑ Wine tasting events to feature local wineries
∑ Bike / walking trails
∑ Gospel Music Concerts

#2: What would you like to see and do in the Lineberry Memorial Park
∑ Sculpture
∑ Timberframe
∑ Fountains
∑ Flowers
∑ Save every tree possible / Please end war on trees
∑ Hummingbird / butterfly garden
∑ No dogs off leash – owners responsible for picking up after pets
∑ Music platform- covered
∑ Lighting – subtle but effective for safety
∑ Meet people
∑ Play music
∑ Involve Woman’s club in garden planning
∑ Use borate – treated wood for exterior benches, tables, signs
∑ Water garden or water feature- Koi would be nice
∑ Look for interesting animals or insect specimens
∑ Festival in honor of Robbie Evans
∑ Curving pathways
∑ Area with play equipment
∑ A small water feature
∑ Skateboard area for kids
∑ Amphitheater with annual production of “Man who moved a Mountain”
∑ Kids summer camp
∑ Fishing pond
∑ Friendly dogs can run free – walk dogs
∑ Benches with shade
∑ Trash cans decorated by kids or local artists
∑ Bird fountains
∑ Trees
∑ Little nooks with private places
∑ Bird feeders
∑ Wishing well with coins collected to go to community needs
∑ Meet friends
∑ Someone needs to eradicate the extensive poison ivy growing in the park area

#3: Given the location and the lay of the land, what components would you consider essential:
∑ Keep it simple for easy maintenance
∑ A permanent stage- small version of Floydfest stage
∑ Picnic tables
∑ Pathway to walk to library
∑ Children’s play area
∑ Scattered decks for performances
∑ Gazebo or amphitheater
∑ Interactive water fountain – water that “plays”
∑ Sitting areas and benches in the shade
∑ Stairs to sidewalk sitting areas
∑ Handicapped accessible
∑ Access to lower level Winter Sun shops
∑ Curfew or set park hours for neighborhood peace
∑ Fence or privacy wall to protect neighbors from noise
∑ Rest rooms
∑ Small flower gardens
∑ Meditation spaces
∑ Have a plaque honoring “Warren” for his contribution
∑ Make the park a “no hunting” zone
∑ No smoking
∑ Music, wine, art festivals that show off Floyd’s talents
∑ A park should be inviting for individuals and small groups but also for larger gatherings- either a pavilion or an amphitheater
∑ Sculpture garden

#4 What can be done to help make Lineberry Memorial Park uniquely Floyd?

∑ Place for art shows
∑ Contest- design a flag for Floyd
∑ Architecture: Appalachians style
∑ Lush gardens, perennials, roses, etc…
∑ Local sculpture
∑ Lots of bluegrass music
∑ Creative lighting
∑ Natural beauty and elements- leave trees , plants that are already there (except poison ivy)
∑ Tye-dye banners
∑ Special light features / Crenshaw?
∑ Outdoor sculpture
∑ Music- it’s all about the music!
∑ A wall or trash cans for kids to decorate periodically
∑ Places for local art and music events
∑ A late 19th century looking gazebo
∑ Amphitheater***
∑ Building community wall designed by J. Copus
∑ local tribute to artists, potters
∑ garden trail – roses, annuals and perennials,
∑ water fountain
∑ weed walks
∑ place for which walking tours start
∑ Musicians
∑ Art in the Park
∑ Stage
∑ A pool with a fountain for small kids
∑ Tie in with Floyd history -also- physical / geographic ties
∑ Plenty of open space, green grass and fresh air
∑ Timberframe
∑ Art walls to paint on
∑ Memorial items that can be purchased: benches, bricks, stepping stones, planting beds

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park

Plans to build a park between Angels in the Attic and the Winter Sun buildings are underway. The first stage is the widening of the sidewalk with brick sitting benches and nooks for small groups to gather. Public restrooms will be built next to Angel's in the Attic. Eventually we hope to have a covered gazebo down in the grassy area along with sitting walls. We are presently seeking good ideas for the design and facilities in the park that will make it a nice central place for folks to gather!

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Parking Downtown

A nice parking lot will be constructed in the empty space across from Angel's in the Attic. There will be a wide sidewalk and brick sitting walls near the street.

Store Fronts

Partnership for Floyd members worked hard for a few years and are still working to acquire grant money to help store owners downtown to upgrade and repair their historical facades. Work has begun!

Music Areas

Friday nights in Floyd is a wonderful venue for all those who enjoy music and gatherings of nice folks. All year long you can find music at The Floyd Country Store, Oddfellas, The Winter Sun and even overflowing into the streets. It is a block party of local and troubadour musicians who come to join with others and enjoy playing. So bring your instrument or just come to hang out on a nice evening.

The Partnership for Floyd is trying to move some of the folks out of the streets into safer areas. New, wider sidewalks with brick sitting walls will be installed. Eventually a park will be built between the Winter Sun and Angels in the Attic.

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