Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Amphitheater design

StreamLine TimberWorks of Floyd has been donating their expertise in helping to design an amphitheater for the Park. It will be located down in the hollow of the park between the parking lot and the old cherry tree.
This stage will be used for performances as well as for daily picnics and music jamming. Many local companies and individuals are pitching in with money, expertise or materials to help build our park. If you have something to contribute please email Jane Cundiff at or call Betty Lineberry at 745-4174.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall 2010 Progress in the Park

The patio is being constructed and the water run-off has been taken care of. The picnic / music shelter will begin soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Trees Planted in the Park

Planting Trees in Our Park

It takes some heavy equipment and quite a few hard working folks to plant large trees. On Thusday, July 15 two big beautiful trees were planted in the Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park in the center of the Town of Floyd.

Willow Springs Nursery was very generous to donate the trees and deliver them to the park. A Pin Oak and a Maple tree will give us nice shade, are sturdy and will be beautiful for many years to come. Beegle Landscaping brought equipment and men to dig the holes, plant and stabilize. Volunteers will keep the trees watered to establish roots over the hot summer.

The Partnership for Floyd has been working hard to raise money to improve the Park. The Town of Floyd has also set aside funds for this purpose. We will begin building a patio and a small picnic shelter this Fall so that more people will be able to enjoy the park on a daily basis.

Future plans include a permanent amphitheater in the park to be used for music, theater, craft shows, picnics and lots of other activities. A children's play area is also hoped for.

The Partnership For Floyd will continue to raise money for these projects to improve the Park so that everyone in the county as well as friends and visitors can enjoy a beautiful space in the center of Town.

If you are interested in helping to build or sponsor a project in the Park please contact Jane Cundiff at