Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park Suggestions

As a result of our Ice Cream Social on June 23, we have compiled a list of ALL the suggestions for the park made by Floyd residents.

Warren G. Lineberry Memorial Park Community Input Session
June 23, Winter Sun Music Hall, 2:00-5:00

Response to Questions:

#1: How would you and your family use Lineberry Memorial Park:
∑ We would use the Park on weekends
∑ Exercise pets
∑ Spend time with friends and family
∑ Festival down time
∑ Picnics ***
∑ Relaxation
∑ Conversation
∑ Mediation
∑ Quiet place
∑ “Art in the Park, clothesline Sale”
∑ Play
∑ Plan art classes or groups to paint and draw together outside
∑ Listen to musicians *****
∑ Rest while shopping **
∑ Town socials
∑ Bicycle racks
∑ Walk in the Park
∑ Sit and eat ice cream cones
∑ Wine tasting events to feature local wineries
∑ Bike / walking trails
∑ Gospel Music Concerts

#2: What would you like to see and do in the Lineberry Memorial Park
∑ Sculpture
∑ Timberframe
∑ Fountains
∑ Flowers
∑ Save every tree possible / Please end war on trees
∑ Hummingbird / butterfly garden
∑ No dogs off leash – owners responsible for picking up after pets
∑ Music platform- covered
∑ Lighting – subtle but effective for safety
∑ Meet people
∑ Play music
∑ Involve Woman’s club in garden planning
∑ Use borate – treated wood for exterior benches, tables, signs
∑ Water garden or water feature- Koi would be nice
∑ Look for interesting animals or insect specimens
∑ Festival in honor of Robbie Evans
∑ Curving pathways
∑ Area with play equipment
∑ A small water feature
∑ Skateboard area for kids
∑ Amphitheater with annual production of “Man who moved a Mountain”
∑ Kids summer camp
∑ Fishing pond
∑ Friendly dogs can run free – walk dogs
∑ Benches with shade
∑ Trash cans decorated by kids or local artists
∑ Bird fountains
∑ Trees
∑ Little nooks with private places
∑ Bird feeders
∑ Wishing well with coins collected to go to community needs
∑ Meet friends
∑ Someone needs to eradicate the extensive poison ivy growing in the park area

#3: Given the location and the lay of the land, what components would you consider essential:
∑ Keep it simple for easy maintenance
∑ A permanent stage- small version of Floydfest stage
∑ Picnic tables
∑ Pathway to walk to library
∑ Children’s play area
∑ Scattered decks for performances
∑ Gazebo or amphitheater
∑ Interactive water fountain – water that “plays”
∑ Sitting areas and benches in the shade
∑ Stairs to sidewalk sitting areas
∑ Handicapped accessible
∑ Access to lower level Winter Sun shops
∑ Curfew or set park hours for neighborhood peace
∑ Fence or privacy wall to protect neighbors from noise
∑ Rest rooms
∑ Small flower gardens
∑ Meditation spaces
∑ Have a plaque honoring “Warren” for his contribution
∑ Make the park a “no hunting” zone
∑ No smoking
∑ Music, wine, art festivals that show off Floyd’s talents
∑ A park should be inviting for individuals and small groups but also for larger gatherings- either a pavilion or an amphitheater
∑ Sculpture garden

#4 What can be done to help make Lineberry Memorial Park uniquely Floyd?

∑ Place for art shows
∑ Contest- design a flag for Floyd
∑ Architecture: Appalachians style
∑ Lush gardens, perennials, roses, etc…
∑ Local sculpture
∑ Lots of bluegrass music
∑ Creative lighting
∑ Natural beauty and elements- leave trees , plants that are already there (except poison ivy)
∑ Tye-dye banners
∑ Special light features / Crenshaw?
∑ Outdoor sculpture
∑ Music- it’s all about the music!
∑ A wall or trash cans for kids to decorate periodically
∑ Places for local art and music events
∑ A late 19th century looking gazebo
∑ Amphitheater***
∑ Building community wall designed by J. Copus
∑ local tribute to artists, potters
∑ garden trail – roses, annuals and perennials,
∑ water fountain
∑ weed walks
∑ place for which walking tours start
∑ Musicians
∑ Art in the Park
∑ Stage
∑ A pool with a fountain for small kids
∑ Tie in with Floyd history -also- physical / geographic ties
∑ Plenty of open space, green grass and fresh air
∑ Timberframe
∑ Art walls to paint on
∑ Memorial items that can be purchased: benches, bricks, stepping stones, planting beds